The work Prepared View is a photographic installation in two parts.

The first part functions as an introduction to the image space. It consists of three racks carrying one photo collage each. The images show constructed situations in nature, seemingly realistic through the medium photography. The racks have a reference point in the informative plates often found at sites of interest. They are spin offs from postcards that show the kind of sites the racks refer to. The lying image is connected to books or information material. The racks are a visual key to the images on the wall. They prepare the view.

The hanging on the wall is a classical display of images, as in museums or collections. All images are photographs in their original form: some appropriated from old photo books, others taken by the artist. Through blowing them up or manipulating them, they lose their reference point in reality, thus becoming an expression of an unsettling condition of reality. The trust in the photograph evaporates.

The frames and the rackets are made from mahogany and walnut timber, both types of dark wood that refer to the time that most of the imagery is from. The green paint on the wall defines the image space as a stage for passing on distorted image information.

We still believe in the photograph, at the same time we know that it does not reflect reality. It is always detached from the time and space it was taken from and thus becomes a thing in its own right. The common understanding of a photograph functioning as an index is unsettled.

Photographs and collages, mahagony and nutwood frames, racks with pictures, paint. mit Gunnar.jpg Wand1 copy.jpg Wand2 copy.jpg Fair copy.jpg spalte copy copy.jpg aus wand copy.jpg copy less water  copy copy.jpg Pferde.jpg in landschaft.jpg Fair_v2.jpg copy_v2.jpg