Casa Obscura

This site specific work is installed in an abandoned house in a remote village in Iceland. It is composed of cyanotype prints on fabric of all the windows on the ground floor.

The sunlight coming through the windows is directly interacting with the coated fabric, creating a print of Prussian or Berlin blue color. The windows act as a lens and the photographed thing at the same time, whilst the house functions as a camera obscura.

The prints are installed in the space on available materials like hooks and nails that were left behind. The work creates a direct dialogue with its surrounding through manifesting light and making time visible.

10 cyanotype prints on fabric, steel
dimensions variable

A satellite exhibit in The Tub/ Balinn in Þingeyri as part of The Factory exhibition in Djúpavík.

Thank you

Emilie, Wouter & Rúnar
06:45 - 06:56, NE
06:50 - 07:04, NE
09:17 - 09:33, NE
11:47 - 11:56, SE
14:56 - 15:07, SW
15:15 - 15:26, SW
16:25 - 16:40, SW
16:28 - 16:43, SW
18:18 - 18:43, NW
18:30 - 19:15, NW