The work “Fores” evolves around the concept of foreigness. The word “foreign” derives from the latin term for door. The idea that something which doesn’t belong to a specific place can be a gateway to yet another place alters the feeling of displacement into a possibility. Living on an island can evoke a notion of detachment; being cut off from the rest of the world, enclosed by the vast sea and trapped in a treeless landscape calls for a steady involvement with one's own surrounding. Finding a safe niche, carving a shelter from the rock or making a living on the edges of an inhabitable environment is part of a game that defines the interplay between isolation and belonging.

The work is a series of photographs that reflects the search for the essence of holes and their opposites, for hybrid forms and animated stones, for darkness and light, voids and meaning. What is visible escapes the pacifying sense of recognition and touches on the limits of representation.

5 handmade baryta prints 30x40 cm, 2 inkjet prints 40x50 cm, 1 inkjet print 65x80 cm, 1 inkjet print 55x70 cm

Installation view: Galleri Image, Aarhus, 2017 copy.jpg
Photo: Stuart Richardson